Why choosing CPLANT?

We are a vertical integrated cannabis and hemp company with a high experienced team.

We offer high-quality products in B2B and B2C markets, fulfilling the vast demands of our clients and the legal requirements worldwide.

All our products comply with extraordinary quality and compliance controls.

We are certified GGAP, Organic and LQSA.

How can I buy CPLANT products and services?

We have an excellent and professional commercial team.

Feel free to contact us via our contact form or email info@cplant.net

After your request, our commercial team is going to contact you. It may take up to 24hs.

Can I visit your facilities and farms?

Your visit is a pleasure for us.
The objective of our company is to establish relationships and synergies with our buyers so they can see the excellent processes that the products entail until their sale.

Does CPLANT has COA’s and certifications of their products?

Yes, we ensure that you receive all the information, COA, COT and certification of our products before any purchase. Also we are able to export our products to any part of the world.

Are you hiring?

Our company is expanding every day. If you want to work with us, feel free to send your information with contact details to info@cplant.net.

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